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Fool's World Map

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This is a project visualizing the world map which many fools in the world imagine.
If you can see this map comfortably, you are definitely a fool.

One day, a Texan asked me a question when I lived in U.S..

The question was "How many hours does it take to go to Japan by car?". (true story)

He didn't know where Japan is, and even bofore that, he didn't know that Japan is an island.
And then, I thought. "What kind of world map is pictured in his mind?"

This was a beginning to think that it might be fun to gather those mixed up recognitions of countries and visualize it as a world map imagined by the fools in the world.

First, the countries are roughly allocated. From now on, countries will be added based on participants' comments. If you "don't know" or "don't even care" about the countries that are added, please submit a comment such as "Huh?" .

comment sample:
> Tanzania has been added.

If there're many comments or questions like that, relevant country will be downsized or deleted. To the contrary, territory of relevant country will be moved or enlarged if there are comments like "more to the right", "larger". At the same time, comments about positional information of any landmark such as a pyramid of Egypt is appreciated.

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2005/06/25 Map completed.
2005/06/24 Map updated.
2005/06/20 Map updated.
2005/04/29 Map updated.
2005/04/11 Map updated.
2005/02/19 Map updated.
2005/02/07 Map updated.
2004/11/30 Map updated.
2004/09/23 Map updated.
2004/07/14 Map updated.
2004/06/03 Map updated.
2004/05/07 Map updated.
2004/04/12 Map updated.
2004/03/22 Map updated.
2004/03/01 Map updated.
2004/02/23 Map updated.
2004/02/14 Map updated.
2004/02/10 "Fool's world map" has started.

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2004/02/01 - Map
001. Due to a Texan who thinks "Japan is accessible from Texas by car", Japan and Texas is land-attached.

2004/02/14 - Map
002. The bottom part of Africa became South Africa.
003. Mongolia appeared between Russia and China.
004. The upper part of Brazil became Spain.
005. Never Land appeared at the lower left-hand side of USA.
006. The size of England doubled.
007. The size of South Korea doubled.
008. The size of Hawaii increased 5 times.
009. The size of Japan doubled.
010. The size of Shikoku (prefecture in Japan) dropped to half.

2004/02/23 - Map
011. Mongolia has vanished.
012. Mongolia has been replaced by Gandhara.
013. The right side of USA became New York.
014. The left side of USA became California.
015. The right side California became Hollywood.
016. South Pole and North Pole has appeared.
017. The left side of Africa became Chile.
018. Swiss appeared between France and Germany.
019. The size of South Korea doubled again.
020. The size of Egypt increased 1.5 times.
021. The size of Japan decreased to two-thirds.
022. Due to some opinions saying that Japan is positioned on the left-hand side
of Hawaii, Hawaii has moved to right, and Japan has moved to left.
023. The left side of Egypt became Morocco.
024. The upper part of Russia became Siberia.
025. The right side of Russia became Soviet.

2004/03/01 - Map
026. Vietnam appeared between China and Thailand.
027. Tibet appeared between China and India.
028. The left side of Africa became Cambodia.
029. The island at the lower right of Africa became Taiwan.
030. The upper part of Iran became Afghanistan.
031. Since Aussie seems not to know the exact shape of therir country, the shape
of Australia has been changed to the shape of Shikoku (prefecture in Japan).
If there's no argument from Aussie, it'll be as it is.
032. Shikoku (prefecture in Japan) has been deleted since it is confusing.
Due to a comment saying "wasn't Texas and Japan connected by land?", only
033. the right side of Japan came back to Texas.
034. Due to a comment saying "it is confusing to see two Japan, give them name at
least.", the left side became Zipangu, and the right side became USA.
035. Iraq became USA.
036. Afghanistan became USA.
037. The island at the lower right of Australia became Eromanga.
038. Hawaii has moved to lower right of Japan.
039. Siberia has become Tundra climate.
040. The lower part of Russia became Siberia.
041. Island between England and Huh? became Iceland.

2004/03/22 - Map
042. The bottom part of USA became Las Vegas.
043. The right side of Texas became Disneyland.
044. The sea under the Disneyland became Disney Sea.
045. Korea became Shanghai.
046. Hong Kong appeared under Shanghai.
047. A peninsula on the right side of Soviet became Korea.
048. The upper half of Korea became North Korea.
049. The bottom half of Korea became South Korea.
050. Italy's shape has transformed to the shape of a sexy leg.
051. Kashimir appeared between Morocco and Cambodia.
052. Africa, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia became desert color.
053. Pyramid has been build in Egypt.
054. Nazca Lines has appeared below Egypt.
055. An island under Brazil became Jurassic Park.
056. Horyuji has been build in Zipang.
(new function) Zipang became clickable to paste pictures.
057. Ankor Wat has been build in Cambodia.

2004/04/12 - Map
058. The bottom part of Brazil became Argentine.
059. Huh? became Alasaka.
060. Siberia appeared between Tundra Climate and Russia.
061. The bottom left of France became Doha.
062. USA became USA Empire.
063. The upper part of Brazil became Inca Empire.
064. Cathedral has been built in France.
065. Leaning Tower of Pisa has been built in Italy.
066. Berlin Wall has been built at the center of Germany.

2004/05/07 - Map
067. The bottom part of Mystery became Greece.
068. Leaning Tower of Pisa moved to France due to an opinion saying "LeaningTower of Pisa is in France.".
069. The bottom part of Africa became Kenya and Amazon.
070. Elephants appeared in Kenya.
071. Long neck tribe appeared in Amazon.
072. The sunken Atlantis appeared nearly between Africa and Australia.
073. Red Square appeared at the middle of Soviet.
074. An yellow river appeared at the bottom right of China.
075. A bulge above New York became Washington.
076. The left side of Russia became Battle States.
077. Aurora is appearing at Alaska.
078. Trans-Siberian Railway has been built in Siberia.

2004/06/03 - Map
079. Australia has been transformed to the shape of Hokkaido. This is a trial to find out how long it takes for Aussie to notice.
080. A peninsula above Germany became NOKIA.
081. Niagara appeared below Canada.
082. Mexico became South America.
083. Mexico moved to the top left of Inca Empire.
084. South pole became Antarctica.
085. Karuizawa is moving above Pacific Ocean.
086. New York became New York Yankees.
087. Godzilla appeared at New York Yankees.
088. Statue of Liberty appeared at New York Yankees.
089. An Island called New Mexico appeared under Hawaii.
090. The sea between Atlantis and India became Indian Ocean.
091. Treacherous Bermuda Triangle appeared at the sea between Disneyland and Cambodia.

2004/07/10 - Map
92. Great Wall has been built in China.
93. Left side of Las Vegas, Neverland, and Texas became Mexifornia due to a posting by stupid American. (California is called by that name because there are many Mexican.)
94. An Island above Spain became Scotland due to a posting by another stupid American thinking "Scotland is an island near Spain".
95. Upper right side of Germany became Australia due to a posting by another stupid American thinking "Australia is beside Germany".
96. Buenos Aires appeared in the middle of Brazil since some people thinks that it is the capital of Brazil.
97. An island below India became Guam.
98. An island at the upper right side of Australia became Tahiti.
99. Moai statue appeared in Tahiti.
100. Eomanga island became Tasmania due to some complaint from foreigners sayin incomprehensible.
101. Lower half of Australia became Aborigine.
102. Alps has appeared in the middle of EU.

2004/09/23 - Map
103. Entire France became Paris.
104. Doha became France.
105. Since Uzbekistran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan at
South Central Asia are indistinguishable, they are gatherd as Stan.
106. An island near Tahiti became Haiti.
107. Bottom part of India became Indonesia.
108. Arizona appeared above Amazon. It seems that fools tend to think that places
are alike when the names are alike.
109. Top part of Iran became Israel.
110. Ireland became London.
111. London is becoming foggy.
112. Black Sea appeared in Africa. It seems that fools tend to think that anything
in black belong in Africa.
113. Due to a statement by Australian saying "I thought that Australia looks like
a kangaroo.", shape of Australia and Aborigine became a kangaroo.
114. Australia became Oz.
115. An island above Oz became Utopia.
116. A penguin appeared in Antarctica.
117. Argentine became Argentina.
118. Due to a Portuguese report saying "Americans often told me that Portugal is
a part of Spain.", bottom part of Spain became Portugal.
119. A part of China became Republic of Singapore since an American said "Oh, you
came from a part of China." when a Singaporean opened a bank account in
U.S., even though he had shown a passport issued by Republic pf Singapore.
120. Kremlin has been build in Russia.
121. Sphinx has been build in Singapore. It seems that Sphinx and Merlion are
indistinguishable to the fools.

2004/11/30 - Map
122. Due to a report from a Belgian saying that he heard an American saying
"What? England is an island?", England and Europe has been connected by
123. Since a student at the Ivy League university thinks that Singapore is
an island near India, Sinfapore became an island near Singapore.
124. The bottom part of Canada became Mexico since it is clear from the past
speech (President Bush referred to "border issue" of Canada and Mexico when
Canadian Prime Minister visited United States in 2001. Although there are no
border between those two countries actually...) made by President Bush of
the United States.
125. Since a Japanese fool had thought that Europe is a name of a country, a
country named Europe appeared in Europe.
126. Top part of Africa became Sahara.
127. Since a Japanes Idol named Yuko Ogura said that Luxemburg is the
capital of France, Paris became Luxemburg.
128. A fighting bull apeared in Spain.
129. Due to a report from a Thai saying that stupid Americans can't
distinguish Thailand and Taiwan, top half of Taiwan became Thailand, and
Thailand became an empty land.
130. Due to a report saying that a stupid American elementary school teacher
was teaching that Greenland is a part of the United States, Greenland became
a part of the United States.
131. Since a stupid American had thought that Prague (capital of Czech
Republic) is a part of the United States, the bottom part of New York
Yankees became Prague.
132. Since a stupid American had thought that New Zealand is accessible from
Australia (OZ) by walking at low tide, top part of Australia and Aborigine
became New Zealand (NZ).
133. An entire Korean Peninsula became N. Korea since President Bush of the
United States called it "North Korean Peninsula" on November 20, 2004.
134. Although there was a remark saying "Atlantis should be at the
Mediterranean Sea since Plato, a philosopher, has seen it.", it has been
rejected because no fools would think of it.
135. Parthenon has been built in Italy.
136. A polar bear appeared in Canada.
137. Although a stupid Australian had thought that Austia is a German
translation of Venezuela, it has been rejected due to it's extreme
138. Since a stupid Japanese had thought that New York is a capital of the
United States, White House has been built in New York.

2005/02/07 - Map
139 Due to a remark by an American fool saying that Nippon is a capital of
China, Japan became a part of China.
140. USA Empire became McDonald's.
141. Monaco appeared above Morocco. As always, fools seem to think that things
are near when their names are similar.
142. Due to a remark saying that shape of Italy is opposite, Italy has been
143. Islands above Canada became Galapagos.
144. Since there are people who can't recognize the difference between Spain and
Mexico, both are intregrated into Spain (mexico).
145. Since Iran and Iraq are hard to distinguish, both has been integrated into
Iran (Iraq).
146. Since there are people who can't distinguish Monaco and Macao, both are
integrated into Monaco (Macao).
147. Luxemburg has returned to Paris.
148. Karuizawa has moved to above of Argentina and has become Machu Picchu, an
149. Since India and Indonesia are hard to distinguish, both has been integrated
into India (Indonesia).
150. Koala has appeared in Australia.
151. Ayers Rock has appeared in Australia.

2005/02/07 - Map
152. Nokia became Holland.
153. Eiffel Tower has been built in England.
154. Camel has appeared in Saudi Arabia.
155. The five-story pagoda became gold.
156. A rocket shaped tower has been built in Shanghai.
157. Nile has appeared in Africa.
158. Nessie has appeared at the Great Lakes in America.
159. Himalaya Mountains has appeared above India.
160. London Bridge has been built between London and England.

2005/04/11 - Map
161. Due to a finding that stupid American thinks "although North Pole is cold,
Atarctica should be warm since it's in south", Penguin moved to North Pole,
and Antarctica became southern island-ish.
162. Neverland, Mexifornia, and Texas became Great Canyon.
163. When talking about this project to Alif, a guy came from Pakistan, he was
disappointed for not being able to see his home country. Due to this, "Stan
(USA)" and "Stan" both became Pakistan.
164. Due to a comment saying "Cambodia doesn't belong in Africa", Cambodia moved
to lower left of Vietnam.
165. Due to a comment saying "Shara Desert is a lot wider", original Cambodia,
Kashmir, Monaco (Macao), Morocco, and Africa all became Sahara.
166. Due to a comment saying "Chile is a lot more longer", left side of Sahara
became Chile.
167. Due to a comment saying "fools can not distinguish South America and
Africa", Sahara and Brazil has been switched.
168. Due to a comment saying "there's an image that Tibet is placed at the top of
a mountain", Tibet is placed above Himaraya.
169. An original land of Tibet has been merged by India.
170. Due to a comment saying "In conclusion, it is not clear where Japan is
located", Zipang, Nippon, and Japan was merged and became a floating
171. Due to a question from a stupid German saying "How far is Japan from Hong
Kong by a car?", Kyushu in Japan became Hong Kong.
172. An original land of Hong Kong has been merged by Shanghai.

2005/04/29 - Map
173. Since a stupid Portuguese thought Korea and Japan is same and said "you can
drive in Japan if you have a driver's license in Korea, right?", Hokkaido
became S.KOREA.
174. Since a stupid Japanese thought that English name of Okinawa is Hawaii,
Okinawa became Hawaii.
175. Due to a rumor saying "Macao is close to Hong Kong",
176. Shikoku became Macao.
177. Shima in Japan became Spain.
178. An original land in Spain became Barcelona.
179. Gaudi's Church (Sagrada Familia) has been built in Barcelona.
180. Due to a saying that Okinawa is close to America since it is able to watch
American TV show in Okinawa, original place of Hawaii became Okinawa.
181. Although a stupid in Middle East said "Isn't Japan a place that Chicago is
at?", it has been ignored due to its extreme stupidity.
182. Due to a saying that "Norway is above Russia" Tundra Climate became Norway.
Due to a comment saying that Australia's shape being a Kangaroo is too
stupid, it became a original shape of Shikoku. From now on, extremely stupid
comment from Australian will be ignored.
183. Opera House has been built at right side of Australia.

2005/06/20 - Map
184. Since a stupid American thinks that state of Minnesota is a part of Canada,
Mexico under Canada became Minnesota.
185. The all coast of OZ and Aborigine became the Gold Coast.
186. Due to feedback saying "Atlantis is smaller", it became smaller.
187. The bottom-half of Atlantis became Mu.
188. Due to a report from South African saying that "Americans can not
distinguish South Africa and South America", South Africa and South America
has been switched.
189. Due to a finding that Ghandarra is only famous in Japan and that it is not
so famous in the world, Ghandarra became Mongolia.
190. Since American did not know that Korea is divided into north and south,
Korea became one.
191. An island called Sealand appeared at upper left of Swiss.
192. Mosque has been built in Iran.
193. Left side sea of America became Atlantic Ocean, and the right side sea
became Pacific Ocean.
194. Moscow appeared in Soviet.
195. Holland became an island.
196. Due to a finding that stupid American thinks "Holland should be sunk on the
ocean floor since we hear that it's below sea-level", Holland has been sunk
on the ocean floor.
197. Due to a finding that stupid French thinks "Argentina is beside Mexico" and
that stupid American thinks "Argentina is a part of Mexico", bottom part of
Shara became Mexico.
198. Mexican Pyramid has been built in Mexico.

2005/06/24 - Map
199. Due to a feedback saying that "boundary around Egypt" is more zigzag like",
boundary between Arizona and Kenya became zigzag.
200. Buenos Aires, a capital, moved to inside of Brazil.
201. A statue of Christ with both arms spread at the mountain top has been built
in Buenos Aires.
202. A city of Carnival has appeared in Brazil.
203. Former Buenos Aires became Sahara, and former land of Sahara became Africa.
204. Camels of Saudi Arabia has moved to Sahara.
205. An oil field has appeared in Saudi Arabia.
206. Cuba has appeared in Africa.
207. Due to a feedback saying that "there is no distinction between Siberia and
Syria", a part of Siberia became Syria.
208. Due to a feedback saying that Poland's name reminds of Holland, and it seems
like same country of somewhere near, an island called Poland has appeared
near Holland.
209. Due to a feedback saying that "Pakistan is too big", it became Middle East.
210. The lake of Baikal has appeared at east side of Russia.
211. The west coast of America has all became California.
212. Due to a feedback saying "there's an image that the Statue of Liberty
welcomes you when you fly to America from Japan", the Statue of Liberty has
moved to the west coast from the east coast.
213. Due to a feedback saying "Italy should have two legs", another leg has been
214. Stonehenge has appeared in Mystery of EU.
215. Due to a feedback saying "Japan is being invaded too much", Macao has been
returned to Shikoku.
216. Due to a feedback saying "it's weird to have two Mexico", Spain in Japan has
moved, and Barcelona (Mexico) became Barcelona (Spain).
217. Since a wife of Ichiro-san, a Japanese, asked "Did Hawaii suffer from
Tsunami?" at the time of earthquake at Phuket, Hawaii moved to the Indian
218. Since Japanese high school girl did not know the Shikoku of Japan, Shikoku
became a name of a country at somewhere.

Last Update:2005/06/25
219. Due to a feedback saying that "Canadians live in Igloo", Igloo has appeared
in Canada.
220. Due to a feedback saying that "Alaska faces America", Minnesota became
221. Due to a feedback saying that "Greenland is smaller", it became smaller.
Also, its shape became a shape of Kyushu.
222. Arizona became Jamaica.
223. Due to a feedback saying "Poland and North Pole should be close since their
names are alike", Poland has moved to near North Pole.
224. Place under Italy became Caribbean Sea.
225. A sea at upper left of EU became Dead Sea.
226. An island called Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte has appeared at somewhere. It
seems that fools try remember when the name is too long.
227. Due to a feedback saying that "Washington should be at the center of America
since it is a capital", McDonald became Washington.
228. Panama Canal has appeared in Egypt.
229. Suez Canal which connects Disney Sea and Atlantic Ocean has appeared in
South Africa.
230. Iceland became Ireland.
231. Upper left of Greenland became Iceland.
232. The jaggy coast of Europe became Fiord.
233. Due to a feedback saying that "it is too stupid to have Prague in America",
Prague has been absorbed by New York Yankees.
234. Due to a feedback saying that "Texas is big for any sake", a territory with
Grand Canyon became Texas.
235. A big turtle appeared in Galapagos.
236. An empty counrty at the bottom right of China became Burma.
237. Iceland has frozen.
238. The woods has grown in Norway.
239. Due to a remark from a Dutch saying "stupid foreigners think Amsterdam is
larger than Holland or Netherlands", empty land of former Holland became
240. Due to a remark from a German saying "fools of other countries thinks Berlin
Wall is very long", Berlin wall became too long.

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001. It seems that fools tend to think that places are alike when the names are alike.

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001. Cruelty of deleting countries
Q. Don't you feel sorry for citizens of those countries that are deleted?
A. I'll just say one thing. "Don't you feel more sorry for those fools?"

002. Characteristic of this project
Q. What's the difference from those common TV show saying "Let's draw a map just by one's memory!"
A. Traditionally, each drew a map by themselves, and therefore, the map contained too much personal equation and lacked authenticity. This project completes a picture by participants' collaboration, and by this method, there's a potential of building a map that is empathic and have the ring of truth to those many fools. For that, revision and rejection of troll will be consistenly executed. Don't think like "So what?".

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Thank you all!



Living in Sweden I'm just wondering where is this country located on the beautiful world map...

Since lots of people think that Scotland and Wales are part of England it's good to see that this is correctly marked on the fool's map. Amusing to see Italy too; looks like it's getting ready to score a goal!

Don't call it the sum of many opinions when half the changes are because of one foolish american. And isn't is a little rediculous that half the changes are because someone heard from a friend who said they overheard someone make a stupid comment. There are foolish people everywhere (including america) so if your going to make a sum of single stupid opinion changes could refer to other countries than anglophone countries.

All the historical map links on the Fool's World Map page (such as the above URL) return null HTML documents instead of the expected .gif image.

The old faithful geyser boils over because it sits over the top of the great American melting pot which is somewhere in Minnesota.

Quite a distorted vision about the world.

The most dissapointing part is that lots of people think the globe looks somewhat like that.

This means that they only care about their own country.

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