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August 20, 2005- Global participatory "Fool's Planet Map" project -


This is a project visualizing the Planet map which many fools in the world imagine.
If you can see this map comfortably, you are definitely a fool.

First, the stars are roughly allocated. From now on, stars will be added based on participants' comments. If you "don't know" or "don't even care" about the stars that are added, please submit a comment such as "Huh?" .

2005/07/17 Map
001. Due to some opinions saying that Mars and Sun are similar, Mars has appeared near Sun.
002. Halley has appeared.
003. Moon has appeared.

2005/08/12 Map
004. Orion and Scorpius X-1 appeared.
005. Due to a saying "Earth is center of the planet", Earth moved to center.
006. Due to a saying "Sun and Moon are smaller than Earth, and They are same size", They became so.
007. Uranus has appeared.
008. Uranus has obtained vertical loop.

2005/08/16 Map
009. Saturn has appeared.
010. Jupiter has appeared.
011. Due to a saying "Orion does not have such many stars", Orion lost some stars.
012. Halley is moving around Earth.
013. Space shuttle is moving around Sun.
014. The milk way has appeared.
015. Red comet has appeared.
016. Southern cross has appeared.

2005/08/20 Map
017. The point of view has changed.
018. Neptune has appeared.
019. Venus has appeared.
020. Due to a Japanese saying "Comet(Suisei in Japanese) and Mercury(Suisei in Japanese) are same",
Mercury did not appeared.
021. Pluto has appeared.
022. The Big Dipper has appeared.
023. Andoromeda has appeared.
024. Big Bang has appeared.

2005/09/01 Map
025. The size of Jupiter doubled.
026. The size of Venus dropped to half.
027. The Face appeared on Mars.
028. Due to a saying "The Number of stars of orion are fewer", Some stars were lost.
029. Cassiopeia has appeared.
030. Sun burn hot.

031. The eye has appeared on Jupiter.
032. Earth became flat.
033. The tenth planet has appeared.
034. Due to a saying "The size of Moon and Sun are same, They must be on the same track", Sun has moved.
035. Saturn gained three satellites.
036. Mercury has appeared, and that has full of water.
037. THe black Hole has appeared.

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